I recently ran an informal poll on Facebook, asking what percentage of the books everyone had read this year had been ebooks. Most people reported over 50%.

That’s not particularly surprising. Most of my Facebook followers discovered I exist through my ebooks, so it makes sense that I’m polling a biased group.

What was shocking to me is that most people’s ebook numbers were closer to 90%.

I have been a sporadic ebook reader. When I first started publishing ebooks, I didn’t have an ereader and didn’t get one for about a year. Even after I had my hands on one, the book-buying habits of a lifetime drove my shopping experience.

It was only this year that I started to shift more toward ebooks. I estimate about 50% of the books I read this year were ebooks.

Some of my new buying habits were driven by finding ebook-only authors that I love. Some of it has to do with the great deals I can find on ebooks.

A lot has to do with my favorite used book store going out of business several years ago. Like you, I have a budget, and I like to get the most bang for my buck. I’m less likely to spend full price on a new-to-me author, though I’ll happily shell out for my favorite authors. Buying used books not only enabled me to get my hands on paperbacks the major chains no longer carried, but it allowed me to sample authors for cheaper (something ebooks now allow).

Roseville also no longer has any indie bookstores. The closest one is a county away, and it is a smaller chain that sells new and used books. Their stock is hit-or-miss, so it’s harder to find new authors or fill in gaps in a series. Hence, ebooks to the rescue!

What about you? Drop by the Facebook page and chime on the poll or leave an answer in the comments. Are you reading mostly ebooks? What made you switch from paperbacks?