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Here you’ll find bonus material related to the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles and the Terra Haven Chronicles.

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How Well Do You Know Your Quartz?

I admit that before writing Magic of the Gargoyles, I didn’t know quartz came in more than two colors. Now I’m fascinated with all the varieties available, and I had a lot of fun creating gargoyles made of all kinds of colors.

Here’s a guide to the most prominent gargoyles in the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles. (If you haven’t finished the trilogy, I don’t think knowing a few gargoyle names included here is going to be too much of a spoiler.)

The Siblings


Oliver's Color from Magic of the Gargoyles

His sinuous Chinese dragon body and eagle wings are pure, fiery carnelian.


Anya color in Magic of the Gargoyles

Her winged panther body is rich dumortierite veined with green aventurine.


Quinn color in Magic of the Gargoyles

With a lion body covered in scales instead of fur, Quinn is as golden as quartz can come.


Herbert color in Magic of the Gargoyles

Possibly the most exotic of the siblings (maybe to offset his name), Herbert’s rose quartz armadillo body and toucan head are accented with deep blue dumortierite coils.


Lydia color in Magic of the Gargoyles

A swan with lion’s feet, her stone feathers are a spectrum of purple, pink, and orange.

Other Important Gargoyles


Celeste color Secret of the Gargoyles

The size of a small horse, Celeste’s gryphon body is ebony onxy and amethyst.


Rourke color in Secret of the Gargoyles

With a solid jasper marmot body, all his dumortierite touches are concentrated in the tips of his antlers and the feathers of his long, sweeping wings.

Fox (name unknown)

Fox color Curse of the Gargoyles

With wings of golden citrine and a fox-like body of shimmering tigereye, this gargoyle might be nameless, but she’s beautiful.

* * *

There are so many more variations of quartz out there. If you’re interested in learning more, a simple Google search will reveal some amazing varieties.

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Novels of Terra Haven Series Order

Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles

1. Magic of the Gargoyles
2. Curse of the Gargoyles
3. Secret of the Gargoyles
3.5 Lured (a bonus novelette; VIP newsletter only)

Terra Haven Chronicles

0.5 Deadlines & Dryads
“Once in a Lifetime Question” (short story; VIP newsletter only)
1. Leads & Lynxes (forthcoming)

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