I have marched.

I have protested.

I have cried.

I have attended town hall meetings.

I have called my representatives.

I have screamed into the void and ranted to my husband and friends.

I have meditated and built emotional buffers around myself.

I have voted in the primaries.

I have voted with my dollar, supporting women with bigger voices than mine. I have been following #grabyourwallet for two years and counting.

I have donated. And donated. And donated to people and causes with greater reach than I can achieve.

I am heartbroken and infuriated by the actions of my president and the republican party—the blatant racism and xenophobia, the policies that tear children from their parents and turn abandoned Walmart buildings into detention camps, and the pandering to gun lobbyist while children are killed in their schools.

I have been brainstorming ways I can do more. I came up with a few ideas.

  1. Speaking out here
  2. Donating books

It took a long time to make the decision to speak here. I like to keep my author life light and fun. My job is to entertain you. To give you an escapist adventure. To brighten your day for the few hours it takes you to read my novels.

But I have also been thinking a lot about history. When I learned about the Holocaust in school, I was absolutely certain that if I had been alive in the 1940s, I would have fought against the Nazis. I would not have remained silent while entire groups of people were dehumanized and slaughtered. I would not allow an elected leader to turn himself into a dictator. I would fight back in whatever way I could.

So while I will continue to protest and march, to demand more of my representatives or vote them out, and to spend my money on people and organizations making a positive change, I want to go one step further.

I want to ask you to join me.

If you believe immigrant rights are human rights; if you believe racism, xenophobia, and homophobia have no place in the government; if you believe America (or any country) should not build concentration camps, please stand up and say so.

When you do, I’ve got free books for you.

For every $5 you donate to the ACLU or MPower Change, I will send you a free book. Look, I created a handy infographic.

But most important of all: please vote.