After several years of being exclusive to Amazon with my Madison Fox series, I have decided to pull them from Kindle Unlimited and sell them on multiple retailers.

Right now, I am under contract with Amazon to keep each book in Kindle Unlimited (and exclusive) until specific dates. After which, you won’t be able to download them for free as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

So what I’m saying is: If you are a KU subscriber and ever planned on reading the series, download all three books NOW. That way you can read them at your leisure without purchasing them later.

Because of the wonky nature of KU contracts, A Fistful of Fire will be the first to be pulled from KU. Here are the LAST DAYS you can get each book in KU.

A Fistful of Evil: October 2
A Fistful of Fire: September 23
A Fistful of Frost: November 3

I suggest not waiting until the last day, because I don’t know what time zone these dates are factored on.

FYI: I don’t get paid until you do the actual reading, so this isn’t me trying to pad my pocketbook.

If you’re not in Kindle Unlimited, what does this mean for you?

Come November, I’ll be rolling the Madison Fox series out to all retailers. That includes Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play. Madison is ready to take on the world!

p.s. Tiny Glitches is coming out of KU on September 27, so if you want to try my funniest book, give it a download, too.