Yesterday I finished the first draft of a side project I’ve been working on. It was going to be a Madison Fox short. It, of course, turned into something longer. I’m not sure when you will get to see it, because I’ve got a few things on the to-do list before I get around to editing it.

I’ve been working on this side project since December in my spare time after I’ve gotten my editing and marketing done for the day, and I’ve enjoyed having some writing to do every day. Naturally, my thoughts went toward what my next side project might be.

No specific ideas came to me during the day. Then I laid down to sleep at night…and BING! Ideas came rushing in. For hours.

I have two tentative ideas for short stories in the Madison Fox universe, another two in the Terra Haven universe, and a completely brand-new world idea. I’m going to jot down all my notes for these today and see where they take me when I do a free write on them.

I love getting new story ideas! I love watching them unfold like movies in my head. It’s invigorating and rewarding and fun—and well worth the loss of a few hours of sleep.