In the last week, I have altered something small or large on every single page of my site, on every changeable element of my books’ Amazon sales pages, and in the backmatter of every book. I have one amazing newsletter going out to everyone tomorrow (hint: it’s more than an announcement for the release day of A Fistful of Frost). If it weren’t for Trello and my dozens of to-do lists, I would be completely lost. As it is, I’ve spent half today asking myself, “What day is it?” and the other half doing happy dances that tomorrow is the release of A Fistful of Frost.

Did I mention A Fistful of Frost comes out tomorrow?

In non-book news, I got the haircut I have been waiting for. I woke up the morning after the cut and was excited that it was still short (as if it might have all grown back overnight). The cut is nothing special and doesn’t look all that amazing (give it another month), but it’s no longer getting in my way. Hooray!

While at the salon, I talked with my hairstylist about local grocery stores. She had just moved to California from Hawaii and wasn’t familiar with the options. When I mentioned I do the bulk of my non-Costco shopping at Safeway, she asked, “Isn’t that a pricey grocery store?” This is the second time I’ve heard people put what I think of as a midlevel chain in the pricey category. Am I out of touch? Since we have Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Nugget for comparison (all of which I feel are pricey), maybe my view of what is normal priced is skewed.

My roses are blooming, and I’ve been writing with their scent filling the office. The roses always make me think of the gargoyle worlds. I wrote Curse, Secret, and Deadlines all with a rose on my desk, so I guess the scent puts me in the mood. That works for me, since I’m halfway through the first draft of Leads & Lynxes.

But before I can continue writing, I’ve got another 3 to-do lists to get through before tomorrow’s launch. Wish me luck!