As part of this month’s giveaway, I’m inviting you to ask me questions about writing and fantasy (and really anything you’re curious about). Here’s the first one.

Mikalea B. asks,

“Mythical creatures. What ones are your favorites?  And which ones do you like least?”

The favorites are easy. Dragons and gargoyles! It’s no coincidence that Oliver is a Chinese dragon gargoyle. I’ve been in love with dragon tales since I was a child, though I haven’t yet hit upon a dragon-centric story of my own to tell (not counting Oliver’s adventures).

I’m also partial to any mythical creatures that are part horse—pegasi, unicorns, centaurs, and kelpies—or part cat. This clearly reflects my tastes in real-life companion animals.

As for my least favorite… Angels. They seem fun and powerful and interesting, but I have started many more fantasy novels containing angels than I’ve finished. I’m also not partial to orcs. Hmm, it could be that I just don’t favor mythical creatures that look too human.

Keep the questions coming, and feel free to chime in with your own answers to the questions!