I’m deep into Leads & Lynxes, with over 33,000 words down. Are they good words? Who knows. I’ve reached the point where only the scene I’m working on and the next one are clear in my head. It’s a good place to be as long as I don’t spend too much time second-guessing my earlier writing. If I do that, I start to suspect it’s all a bunch of crap.

Trust me, this is all part of the process.

I’m also giddy with anticipation for the release of A Fistful of Frost. After working on that book for so very, very long, it’s thrilling that it’s almost here. My to-do list has grown by leaps and bounds to accommodate all the release-day/release-week tasks. I scaled back on my non-writing tasks earlier this year, but releases are special, and I tend to go all out. (Hint: You’re going to want to read the newsletter coming your way on May 8, even if you’ve already preordered Frost.)

Also, today is special: I’m getting a haircut. I haven’t had one in a year, and now it feels like an event. I am ridiculously excited—not because I’m getting any particular new cut or dye, but because I’ll be losing some of the weight of all this hair! With it shorter, it’ll make a much more manageable ponytail, and let’s be honest: that’s about the only way I “style” my hair.