The day has come: All the Madison Fox novels are available everywhere!

In fact, they’ve been available everywhere for a while, but I forgot to mention it. (Whoops!)

You can now pick up A Fistful of Evil, A Fistful of Fire, and A Fistful of Frost ebooks at Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble. Of course, it’s still available on Amazon, too.

For links to all sites, check out the Madison Fox Series Page.

In other news, it’s raining in California. I’m celebrating more than normal, since these rains put an end to the atrocious fires that took so many peoples lives and homes, and cleared the smoke which had been choking the air for so many others (myself included).

I’m also celebrating for the simple fact that I love rain. It smells good, makes everything pretty, we desperately need it in this state, and it’s typically the worst California winters throw at us here in Roseville. And best of all, it’s the time of year to relish being tucked under a blanket with Mr. Bond, book in hand, with gloomy skies and the patter of rain on the roof.

In fact, the workday is almost up, and after I get through my run, I have a Hailey Edwards novel calling my name and a fuzzy blanket waiting for me on the sofa…