I like spending time with my husband, so since mine is the more flexible schedule, I match my work hours to his. We just finished two grueling weeks of late days, working from noon until 9 pm. I am so thankful those are over and we’re back to a normal schedule!

As those long weeks confirmed, I am a morning person. I have energy and ambition in the morning. By midafternoon, I want to relax, play a video game, garden, or do research, track my marketing endeavors, or handle all the business stuff of this business. The last thing I want to do is write during those sleepy, unfocused hours!

Today, I met my word-count goals before lunch. It was heavenly! Now I can do “extra” writing after lunch. I can also finally give you a snippet of Leads & Lynxes! I’ve kept it incredibly short, so as not to give away any spoilers:

Agony seared my skin, darkening my vision. When it faded, Grant still loomed in my face. His lack of reaction to my obvious pain hurt on an entirely different level. What was happening to me?

“Are you through?” he asked. The muscles of his jaw flexed. If he ever grew bored of being the captain of an FPD squad, he could get a job as a nutcracker.

“If you let her see the cats, she might drop the sarcasm,” Marciano rumbled.

Grant’s eyes narrowed, but he straightened and stepped back. I glanced in the direction Marciano indicated. Seradon monitored the canyon ahead of us, vigilantly scanning trouble. At her feet sat a lynx.