I have an elliptical machine in my office, where I can run to my heart’s content in a climate-controlled environment (and I do love to run). I have no commute, and I work best in my office, so there’s no need for me to pop over to a coffee shop. I get my outdoor time in by hanging out back with my cat.

Which is how I managed to go 5 days last week without stepping farther outside than the end of my driveway.

The funny thing: I didn’t even notice until I was looking back at my productivity for the week.

I wrote almost 12,000 words last week, which is fabulous, considering I did that in 4 days (Mon–Thur = writing; Friday = non-writing business stuff).

It pays to be a hermit! Or rather, it pays to enjoy being a hermit.

I have a friend who says it feels like the walls of her house are closing in on her if she’s home for even a full 24 hours. I say, that’s just your house giving you a hug.

What about you? Do you go stir crazy if you’re at home for days on end or do you prefer it?