Aside from collapsing into a stupor, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the release of a book. Having a get-together with my mom was great, and I’ve also done nice dinners out, a small party with friends, and once a mini trip. All are great, depending on my mood.

Since it took 1.5 years to finish A Fistful of Frost, I decided the accomplishment deserved more than just a single day of celebration. It deserved something physical. I’m not a shoe girl. I buy myself books all the time (I know you’re right there with me). I wanted it to be something special.

When I finished Secret of the Gargoyles, I traveled up to Nevada City to what promptly became my favorite rock shop and purchased a chunk of polished carnelian to match Oliver’s body. Since I’m already deep into the next gargoyle adventure, it seemed fitting to purchase a citrine stone to match this series’ gargoyle.

Last weekend, I pilgrimaged to the Rainbow Crystal Rock Shop. This tiny shop is no bigger than the average gardening shed and is tucked in the shadow of what turned out to be a fabulous Thai restaurant.

Crystal Rainbow Rock Shop

There, I found a gargoyle tooth! Doesn’t this look just like what you would expect one of Quinn’s baby teeth to look like?

Gargoyle Tooth

I love the color of citrine. It looks like tiny flecks of sunlight were caught inside the quartz. To give you an idea of size of the “tooth,” here it is in my hand.

Gargoyle Tooth

Now the tooth sits on my desk beside my monitor, inspiring me as I finish the first draft of Leads & Lynxes.

In case you were wondering, my outdoor kitty assistant was on hand for this photography shoot. She was either rubbing on my phone or my head during every picture. She’s very helpful like that. Since I had the macro lens out, I felt compelled to get a shot of her ever-so-fluffy toe tufts!

Shyboo's toes

I’m very pleased with my purchase, but the launch of A Fistful of Frost is a good excuse for fun, so maybe I’ll keep finding ways to celebrate the book’s release. 😉

Shyboo in the sun