After over 6 months of being exclusive to newsletter subscribers, “The Once-in-a-Lifetime Question” is now live on the Terra Haven Novels Extras page.

“The Once-in-a-Lifetime Question” is a short story featuring Mika, Kylie, Oliver, and Quinn. It’s set after Curse of the Gargoyles and Deadlines & Dryads, so be sure to read both of those first to avoid spoilers.

I enjoyed crafting this short story because I love spending time with Mika and Kylie. Getting to write a story with the two of them in the same scene was a lot of fun, especially since this is the first time we see Mika through Kylie’s eyes.

You may not have noticed when you read D&D that (according to the timeline of the characters’ lives) it takes place between Curse of the Gargoyles and Secret of the Gargoyles. I wanted Kylie and Mika’s trilogy timelines to overlap. They both lead interesting, important lives. They don’t wait around for each other to finish their adventure before starting on their own—but they do everything they can to help each other. They’re best friends, after all.

I hope you enjoy the short story!

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