After several months being exclusive to the newsletter, a deleted scene from A Fistful of Fire is now live on the Madison Fox Behind the Scenes extras page.

This was a scene I was loathe to cut from the final book. It puts Madison in an embarrassing and dangerous situation (always my favorite combo for her). It furthered the intrigue around the inexplicable evil cropping up. It had some semi-sly finger pointing to the real culprit. It had interesting visuals.

In other words, it had all the hallmarks of a good scene. But just like being qualified for a job doesn’t mean you land every interview, having all the right criteria doesn’t always mean a scene gets to be printed in the final draft.

Ultimately, the book was too long (shocker) and needed to be trimmed. This scene went in the DELETE file.

I was happy to resurrect it for the newsletter earlier this year, and now for you on the website.

I hope you enjoy it!

Read the deleted scene here: