When I wrote A Fistful of Frost, I had some trouble picking out the way the book should begin. In fact, I wrote five or more chapters before scrapping them and going in a different direction.

However, not all content was a bust. I liked the original beginning. It did a lot of things, including give us a look inside a certain duplicitous warden’s house.

The only problem was, it didn’t work with the overall structure of the novel.

So I pulled it out and set it aside, and now I get to share it with you as a deleted scene I call “Evil Housekeeping 101.”

Follow the link above to download your copy of the scene (for easy reading on your chosen device); then hop on over the Madison Fox Behind-the-Scenes extras page for even more freebies from the series.

Evil Housekeeping 101 a deleted scene from A Fistful of Frost

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