I’ve been deep into edits for the last few weeks, and they’re going good.

…Even if sometimes it looks like I’m drawing treasure maps on the pages.

Editing Leads and Lynxes

To maintain my focus, I have been staying off social media as much as possible. It has been enormously helpful, but I miss interacting with you guys.

For instance, I didn’t get to tell you about the mad pooper that’s been defiling our fence. I know, this is exactly what you wanted to hear about, but some creature has decided the top of our fence is exactly where it needs to poop—every 4 feet! From the horrific odor that has woken me up on the nights of the MP’s visits, I’m guessing it’s a skunk. Can skunks climb fences? I haven’t caught it in the act yet, and I’m not sure if I want to. (If you feel a pressing need to see a picture of the scat, my husband felt he needed to capture that picture.)

I also had the joyful experience of getting a REAL ID for my next driver’s license. Until my mom told me about them, I wasn’t aware they existed. You might be more informed than me, but just in case: If you live in the United States and wish to fly or enter a secure federal site after 2020, you’ll need a REAL ID. I think you might need one to buy firearms, but I’m not the person to ask about that.

I’m pleased I managed to get a decent picture. I will not be showing you this picture, however. It’s not that fabulous. 😉

Finally, I have been experimenting with my diet lately. I wanted more energy, especially in the afternoons. So I’m trying a significantly modified keto diet. I’m vegan, so the meat, meat, with more meat and dairy approach of keto didn’t appeal to me. However, cutting out all grain and increasing my fat intake has made a noticeable difference. I sleep better. I wake up better. I am more alert. There’s a lot to love about this. (YMMV)

I recently added natural sugars back to my diet after a very strict no-sugar month. My new favorite treat is this 4-ingredient fudge. I use almond butter, and it’s so delicious! (top photo (C) Minimalist Baker)

In fact, I’m out of the fudge, so I should go make more…