I have finished reading through the first draft of Leads & Lynxes. I have finished noting every single thing that needs to be fixed. Now it’s time to fix them.

*cue a compilation of the Jaws theme song and Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” for accurate lyrical representation of my feelings*

Chapter 1 always requires massive edits, and this time is no different. The pages are bleeding blue! See those circled “X2” and “X3” in boxes? That’s my way of noting where to put larger chunks of text that I typed up separately.

The best part is that I’m really liking the changes I’m making. They make the story stronger, even if I did have to cut about 1,500 words today and add 2,500 new ones.

(I left the picture large enough for you to read a sneak peek, if you want…and if you can read my handwriting.)