Today’s cute is brought to us by Chewie. Chewie lives in my neighborhood and greets me several houses away when she sees me walking around the block. She’s painfully cross-eyed and absolutely rotund, so much so that her head looks disproportionately small on her body, but she’s all love.

Chewie the neighborhood cat

I don’t know her real name. I call her Chewie because she purrs through her meows, making a sound like a baby Chewbacca. It’s as adorable as it sounds. The only danger with this cat is that she becomes so frantic for pets that she starts to gnaw on hands.

Today’s Question: Do your characters talk to you? (aka Do your characters talk back?)

Short answer: no. I’m not the kind of author who has conversations with characters that exist in my head. They don’t talk back. They don’t tell me how to navigate a scene or that eating another cookie would make me write faster. That’s all me.

That said, when a scene isn’t flowing and when writing has bogged down to almost a standstill, it’s typically because I’m not being true to the characters and I’m trying to force them to behave in ways that don’t ring true to their personalities.

Disappointed? Me too, a little. I wish Kylie or Mika or Madison would pop into my head with fully fleshed-out stories they want me to write. Instead, they make me do all the hard work.

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