I’ve got a new contest running for the month of June. If you win, you get to pick one of my books!

(Psst: This is a great way for people who don’t shop on Amazon to get a free copy of one of my Madison Fox novels.)

The contest is open internationally, and it has several fun ways to enter, including…

*drum roll*

Sending me pictures of your adorable animal companions!

I think this might be the most genius idea I’ve ever come up with. I get adorable animals delivered right to my various social media feeds—does it get any better?

I mean, look at this cutie:

Or this noble kitty:

To enter, scoot on over to the Current Giveaways page and scroll down to the Rafflecopter. You can also enter to win by sending me a question. I’ll post answers here on the blog for optimum fun.