Leads & Lynxes
Terra Haven Chronicles, Book 1

Be careful what you ask for…

Journalist Kylie and her gargoyle companion, Quinn, plunge into a deadly maze of murder, warped magic, and monstrous beasts in pursuit of the story of a lifetime…but will they survive to write it?

Dive into a spellbinding adventure of elemental magic, mythic creatures, and courageous gargoyles.

Headlines & Hydras
Terra Haven Chronicles, Book 2

Dive back into the extraordinary series filled with elemental magic, mythic creatures, and heroic gargoyles today!

Pursuing the story of a lifetime is supposed to be Kylie’s greatest achievement, not her biggest regret. It certainly isn’t supposed to drag her parents into a deadly criminal investigation.

With her loyal gargoyle companion, Quinn, at her side, Kylie plunges into a new, perilous investigation. She’s faced danger before, but this time is different: If she fails, her parents will lose their livelihood. To succeed, she will have to sacrifice her dream story.

But first she has to survive…

Muckrakers & Minotaurs
Terra Haven Chronicles, Book 3

The exciting conclusion of the Terra Haven Chronicles!

Kylie’s everlasting seed is supposed to guide her to the story of a lifetime, but that hardly matters now. Suspended from her position as a journalist for the Terra Haven Chronicle, she can’t publish anything.

However, a stymied career is the least of Kylie’s concerns. Someone is targeting her mom. First, they tried to make her look like a criminal. Now they’re trying to kill her.

Kylie will stop at nothing to save her mom. And this time, not even Kylie’s loyal gargoyle companion, Quinn, can keep her safe…

A Fistful of Evil
Madison Fox Adventures, Book 1

Madison’s new job would be perfect, if not for all the creatures trying to eat her soul…

Madison Fox is shocked when she learns her soul sight is more than a distasteful affliction: It’s a weapon for battling evil. Roped into a job she doesn’t want, Madison wades into a world where monsters actively hunt her and deadly experiences are becoming the norm. Her survival depends on mastering the mechanics of her ethereal powers—fast. If only she had a clue what she was doing…

A Fistful of Fire
Madison Fox Adventures, Book 2

Madison is back in hot water…

Madison Fox survived her first week as California’s newest illuminant enforcer, but her problems are just igniting. Neighboring regions report an uncharacteristic flare-up of evil, fire-breathing salamanders blaze unchecked across the city, and Black Friday looms. Trapped doing cleanup amid mobs of holiday shoppers, Madison watches from the sidelines as dubious allies insinuate themselves in her region.

As suspicions kindle and the mysterious evil gains strength, Madison must determine who she can trust—and whose rules to follow—before her region and career go up in flames.

A Fistful of Frost
Madison Fox Adventures, Book 3

Madison’s job—and soul—are on thin ice.

Madison Fox is determined to reform Jamie, her half-evil pooka, but the bond linking her to Jamie works both ways. Already, it has manipulated her into bending the rules. If she continues down this path, she could doom her soul.

Madison is in for the battle of her life. If she hopes to survive, she must make an impossible choice: save herself and her region or save Jamie.

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