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REBECCA CHASTAIN is a feminist, animal advocate, and nature devotee. She believes empathy is a hero’s trait and love is a motive, an inside job, and a transformative energy that shapes each person’s world. She is the USA Today bestselling author of the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles trilogy, the Terra Haven Chronicles series that begins with DEADLINES & DRYADS, and the Madison Fox urban fantasy series.

If given the opportunity, Rebecca will befriend your cat.

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In the Press

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Interviews with Writers: I chat about, shockingly, writing and life as a writer.

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Books and Tales: I speak about my obsession with outlines, avocados, and magic. (Interview after the content warning.)

Musings of a Bookish Kitty: Some of my favorite characters have been cats. I discuss my Five Favorite Felines in this rare guest post.

Mom with a Reading Problem: Talking about the things I’d change in Madison’s universe if I could go back in time, critics, and, of all things, cereal.

The Indie View: Discussing the difficulties and benefits of writing a sequel, how long it took to write A Fistful of Fire, and what I learned along the way.

Words, Words, Words: Some of the best fantasy novels take place right here on Earth. I drop by author Margo Bond Collins’ blog to discuss my favorites and how they influenced my Madison Fox series.

Happy Tails and Tales: Niko gives his first public interview! Find out what he thinks about Madison, his job, and even what he likes to drink.

Sassy Book Lovers: What scares me? What inspires me? Find out in this interview.

Open Book Society: If you’re interested in what influenced Magic of the Gargoyles and the difference between writing a novella and a novel, plus so much more, it’s all included in this interview.

Morgen “with an E” Bailey’s Blog: I reveal all the details of my hard-working character template. It’s good stuff!

Karen Writes Stuff: Where I get ideas, the importance of humor, and a few recommendations are all part of this interview.

From the Shadows: Were-eagles, psychometry, and Taye Diggs—my interview has it all.

Donna Augustine’s Blog: I discuss why I veered from many of the urban fantasy tropes and why I like to put humor in my novels in this author-to-author interview.

Lovely Reads Publishing: Find out how I decided to become an author, the origins of A Fistful of Evil, and my favorite scene from the book.

Ally Shields’ Blog: Author Ally Shields and I talk about my path to publication and my love of vegan turtles (the kind you eat).

DJ’s Book Corner: Find out about my dream cast for Magic of the Gargoyles, what I do for writer’s block, and how some genetic experimentation could benefit a story.


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