Wow! Has it already been almost a week since A Fistful of Frost launched? Release weeks always fly by.

I celebrated with my mom, which was spectacular. She brought amazing food. If you’ve read the acknowledgments, you know that I don’t cook much for myself and I’m still pampered enough to have my mom bring me goodies and delicious vegan dishes on a pretty regular basis. (Yep, that was a bit of a nanny-nanny-noo-noo.)

She also brought balloons and flowers and bulbs for my yard! I am super spoiled. Also, release weeks are awesome!

Thanks to you guys, the book is enjoying great success, especially for the third book in a series released over a year after the second. I’m sorry it took me so long to get A Fistful of Frost into the right shape for you!

There are scant hours left to enter the release-week swag giveaway. If you don’t make it in time, don’t fret: there’s another giveaway for the Madison Fox trilogy or a $25 Amazon gift card that goes through the end of the month.

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Also, make sure you leave a review for A Fistful of Frost (and the other Madison Fox novels) when you finish, because reviews unlock additional content, including a funny short story and a novella of Jamie’s first Christmas.

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In other news, I found a gargoyle tooth. Stay tuned for pictures. It’s going to look better in the sun, and I completely missed daylight today.