The cat is out of the bag: I announced my 2019 publishing schedule to my newsletter, so I can now share it here.

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2019 is The Year of Gargoyles!

I’m focusing exclusively on Kylie and Quinn’s trilogy, a la the Terra Haven Chronicles, this year. Here is the release order:

Leads & Lynxes (book 1)
Headlines & Hydras (book 2)
Muckrakers & Minotaurs (book 3)

I’m almost done with L&L and I have a solid outline for H&H. Here is what I can tell you about the trilogy:

  1. It’s so much fun! Kylie on a quest is a whirlwind of adventure!
  2. The series picks up where Deadlines & Dryads (the prequel) left off, and Kylie gets to report on the . . . Um, well, if I said, but you hadn’t read D&D, that would be a spoiler.
  3. Quinn really comes into his own. After having such a traumatic beginning (remember how badly misused he was in Magic of the Gargoyles?), he finds his purpose in these books.
  4. Kylie + Grant = serious sparks! These two are amusing to put together into perilous situations.
  5. More magic, more mythical creatures, and more mayhem than ever before.

All three books will release close together around the end of the year.