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Guest Interview: Rose Montague

Guest Interview: Rose Montague

When was the last time you read an urban fantasy built around female friendships? Add in humor and a world of magic, and you’ve got The Three J’amigos. The moment I saw these books in the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles “Also Boughts” category, I knew I had to interview Rose Montague. Now I want to get my hands on these books!

Three Friends, Three Books

How could I not be curious about a series with the subtitle “The Three J’amigos”? Tell us about the world of Jade.

I wanted to convey to potential readers that this is a fun book with a lot of humor. The action is non-stop with over-the-top crazy thrown in and Jade, Jane, and Jill all kick tail and take names. The world is much like our own with the addition of supernaturals like vampires, shape-shifters, and witches. Jade works for the police department that deals with supernatural-related crime. There is an element of mystery to Jade, both in the story as well as Jade herself. Prepare for surprises and plot twists and if you pay attention you just might guess some of the surprises before they are revealed. It all comes together quite nicely at the end.

A central theme in Jade (and the series) is friendship. How does this play out in book 1?

It’s not all fun and games. Friendship, loyalty, trust, and self-sacrifice are some of the main themes. There are many life lessons to go with all the action and fun. There is also a central theme that a few readers have discovered that I won’t reveal because I want people to read the book to find out.

Can you sum up Jade Smith in three words?

I’ll give you three opposites. Young, yet very old. Innocent, yet very experienced. Mysterious, yet very straightforward.

What do you like best about writing urban fantasy?

My goal is to have fun writing fun books to read. I had a ton of fun writing all of my books.

What’s are you currently working on?

I’m writing the third in the Three J’amigos series (Jill). After that will be another Jewel adventure. Jewel is the adopted daughter of Jade and Jane and is a young adult spin-off (Norma Jean’s School of Witchery).


2 - BOOK COVER 1 FRONT JADEMeet Jade Smith, a magical mutt with a mission. A detective partnered with a shifter named Rolfe, she’s on the case to solve a slew of murders: Vamps are killing humans, and nobody knows why. When London Jane, the most powerful vamp in town, is implicated in the murders, Jade knows something isn’t right. Together with Jill, the Winter Queen of Faerie, Jade and Jane take their investigation underground. On the run, with nowhere to hide, they uncover a secret that could destroy Faerie, as well as the human realm. Will Jade stop the killer in time? Or will she be the next victim?

Magic, mayhem, and mystery abound, and the odds are stacked against them; it’s three against three hundred.

Ready to get started? Pick up Jade at Amazon.


Rose Montague

Rose has always been a big reader and her dream of becoming a published author became a reality when Jade was published in November, 2013. Book Two (Jane) was published February 2015 and the first book in a new young adult fantasy series (Norma Jean’s School of Witchery) was published March 2015 followed by boo two in that series, Ghost School, which published October 2015. Rose has worked both in a library as well as several bookstores. Rose lives in Elon, NC and is currently working on book three in the Three J’Amigos series, which will be called Jill.

You can find Rose on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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