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Elemental Experimentation, Week 3

Elemental Experimentation, Week 3

I finished the first draft of Elemental!

Elemental Progress This Week:

Brainstorming: 0.25 hours
Beats (fleshing out the outline): 10.5 hours
Writing: 8.5 hours / Words written: 12,560
Editing: 2.25 hours*

Total Word Count: 29,753 words!

(For reference, that’s a little bit longer than Magic of the Gargoyles.)

First Draft*All editing this week was to correct misinterpretations from the software, such as fixing words like “would” when it should have been “wood.”

In total, it took me 16 days to write this novella. The first 7 days I was only writing 30–60 minutes a day, so the progress really came after I turned my entire focus to Elemental.

As you know, I’ve been dictating this story, and I found that the best way for me to get lost in the story and stop hearing myself say it all is while I’m walking on my elliptical machine. That means I got a stellar workout this week! Wednesday and Thursday were especially intense: I wrote 10,841 of this week’s words over those two days and walked approximately 10 miles at the same time.

Understandably, I was exhausted afterward, and took Friday completely off work. And by completely off, I mean I didn’t even turn on my computer. That’s incredibly rare for me. Also as a reward, I went to see a matinee of Wonder Woman. If you haven’t seen it yet, get to the theater! It was a great film.

I’ve learned a few things about myself as a result of using this dictation software.

  • I don’t say “already”; I say “Artie”
  • I shouldn’t sing songs to myself when I have my headset on—song lyrics mixed into the middle of the chapter are quite jarring!
  • Ditto for talking to my cats
  • There are some words I know how to spell, but not how to say
  • I write contractions (can’t, don’t, didn’t, etc.); I say whole words (cannot, do not, etc.)

I’m taking the rest of the weekend off to give myself perspective before I jump into edits. In the meantime, I need to decide on names for:

  • two female characters (both good; both will be in future stories)
  • a river

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. The only stipulations are that the female characters cannot have names that are five letters long or that start with the letters K, G, Q, M, N, or Z.

Next week, I’ll have a snippet for you!

4 Responses to Elemental Experimentation, Week 3

  1. That is a lot of walking AND writing! I wonder if the dictation program would be able to hear the difference with contractions. I find it hard sometimes when people say them. I think we need a snippet of your singing or talking to the cats. heehee

    Names: Angeleen, Lorraine, Crystal (you have a Mica) OH, you could name them all after gems/stones/rocks: Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, etc. I’m sure there are a bunch of great rock names. The best name might be Teri!

    River names: Bob. The River Bob has a nice sound.

    I’m glad you are taking time off especially since you walked the book.

    • It might be weird to name a character my own name… But I like Lunar River. It sounds like a nice place to kayak. 🙂 Raquel has serious promise, too. I’ve never heard the name Mhairi before and it’s not in my baby name book.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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