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Deadlines and Dryads Is Out of My Hands

Deadlines and Dryads Is Out of My Hands

My eyeballs are dry. My brain is mush. But I did it:

Deadlines and Dryads is now in the hands of beta readers!

For those of you who like stats, it took me 23.5 hours to write D&D but 57.5 hours to edit it (one pass; it still needs another).

The first draft was 28,837 words. At the end of edits, it was 34,210 words. That’s an increase of 5,373 words (or an 18% increase). Basically, that’s a new chapter’s worth of content, and it’s good stuff—or so I think now; we’ll see how I feel when the beta readers give me feedback. 🙂

If you want to be a beta reader of a future novel, sign up for my newsletter: I always pick readers from there. This time, I sent the request to a small, select group of people who always open my emails (yes, I pay attention). I still had to turn people away.

Thank you to everyone who wanted to read this novel in it’s unpolished state!

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  1. I talked to one of your beta readers who was rubbing it in that she gets to read the book now and I do NOT! hahahaha Rest your eyes and brain. A fruit smoothie would help, I’m sure.

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