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Making Life Easier on My Future Self

I’ve just sent Deadlines and Dryads off to my copyeditor, which means for the first time in 2+ months, I have a breather in the middle of my workday. Huzzah! The first thing I did was write myself a list of how D&D got made, because here’s the thing: I haven’t created two books using the exact… Continue Reading

Elemental Experimentation, Week 4

Elemental Experimentation, Week 4

Elemental Progress This Week: Read-through: 3.5 hours Editing: 8.75 hours Naming Characters and Places: 2.75 hours Formatting Scrivener: 1.25 hours Elemental has a title: Deadlines and Dryads! Having finished writing the first draft, my focus shifted this week to perfecting it. For starters, I had a lot of characters and places to name. I had… Continue Reading

Elemental Experimentation, Week 3

Elemental Experimentation, Week 3

I finished the first draft of Elemental! Elemental Progress This Week: Brainstorming: 0.25 hours Beats (fleshing out the outline): 10.5 hours Writing: 8.5 hours / Words written: 12,560 Editing: 2.25 hours* Total Word Count: 29,753 words! (For reference, that’s a little bit longer than Magic of the Gargoyles.) *All editing this week was to correct… Continue Reading

Elemental Experimentation, Week 2

Talk-to-text is a resounding success! I have been missing out! This has been a peculiar workweek for me, in that I played hooky one of the days (to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2—loved it!) and have worked fewer hours than normal. This week and next, my husband has more free time in his… Continue Reading

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