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A Coastal Sprint

My husband and I escaped the scorching heat of Roseville for a far-too-short stay in Monterey this weekend. Have you been? Monterey, and its sister city Carmel, is beautiful. Even better, the temperature was 40 DEGREES COOLER than in Roseville.

We attended a friend’s party on Carmel Beach, and we were far from the only ones enjoying the idyllic weather, which meant we drove around for a solid 20 minutes before we found parking. Winding up and down the streets, I learned something about myself: I desperately want a Carmel architect whenever I get to build my dream home.

The extravagance! The attention to details! All the homes had huge windows for the view, and beautiful stone facades and walkways. All the plants were lush and in bloom (July is a great time to see the city!). We saw a house with copper gutters and downspoutsJust let that sink in. Copper gutters and downspouts. Can you imagine how expensive that would be?

I absolutely fell in love with this house’s roof. (Yep, the homes are so gorgeous, even the roofs are extraordinary!)
Roof(Pay no mind to the paint sprayed in the lower right; I don’t know those people so don’t feel right posting them in my picture.)

That’s a modern hobbit roof if I ever saw one. It’s beautiful and basically screams, “I’ve got money to burn.” I don’t necessarily have a desire to flaunt my yet-to-be-acquired wealth in such a flagrant manner, but this is just. So. Cool.

While we were down there, I did grab a flyer of a cute cottage for sale, but decided $3.2 million was a skosh out of my impulse-buy price range. Now I’m back in Roseville, enjoying a relative cool day, what with temperatures not quite reaching 100.

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  1. I love that house and roof. All we ask when you build your house, is you have a guest room! hahahha Glad you got to get away even for a short trip.

    • A guest room is a must! Which means that for just the two of us, we need a four-bedroom home. It seems a bit extreme, but that way we can both have home offices. And my office should be in a turret, with a library wrapping around the room… A two-story library with a rolling ladder and strategically placed windows to let in light without fading any of the spines.

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